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The ADMITS project (Adaptation in Distributed Multimedia IT Systems) is building an experimental distributed multimedia system for investigations into adaptation, which we regard as an increasingly important tool for multimedia systems. A number of possible adaptation entities (server, proxy, clients, routers) are being explored, different algorithms for media, component and application-level adaptations are being implemented and evaluated, and experimental data are being derived to gain insight into when, where and how to adapt, and how individual, distributed adaptation steps interoperate and interact with each other. The overall project architecture is depicted in Figure 1.

Figure 1 - Project Architecture

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ViTooKi: The Video-ToolKit supports adaptive standard compliant video streaming, transcoding and proxy caching. It supports MPEG-1/2/4/7/21 and MP3/AAC, stored in various containers like mp4, avi over RTSP/RTP/UDP with retransmission. Demo applications like server/proxy/player are included.


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